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Call It A Comeback: Colts Storm Back To Stun Chiefs In Playoff Opener

Andrew Luck's long touchdown pass with 4:31 to play capped off an incredible performance.

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After going down 38-10 early in the second half, Colts QB Andrew Luck engineered a brilliant second-half comeback and Indianapolis stunned Kansas City, 45-44, in the first game of the 2014 NFL playoffs.

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Luck did throw three picks in this game, and this one late in the third seemed to stymy the Colts' comeback hopes for the moment.

But on his next drive, Luck threw this 12-yard TD to Coby Fleener to keep the Colts in the game as the fourth quarter drew near.

His next time down the field, Luck was the recipient of a fortuitous fumble and bounce, and his full-extension stretch shrank the deficit to three.

Did we mention the part where the ball bounced off a lineman's helmet? Because that was AMAZING.

From there, the Chiefs could only manage another field goal, and down by six points, the Colts needed a late touchdown to complete the historic comeback.

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With this 64-yard pass to T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis got it.

Hilton was able to get behind the safeties and it was an easy score from there.

Luck finished the day with 443 yards passing and four TDs, and Kansas City couldn't get into field goal range to try and take the lead one last time.

Alex Smith (378 yards passing, 4 TDs) did his best to keep Kansas City competitive, but the Colts' defense played inspired ball in the second half.

And the Chiefs had a ton of injuries in this game, but botching a 28-point lead? Here's what that looks like:


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