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    Posted on May 13, 2013

    Bryce Harper Line Drive Only LOOKED Like It Killed This Cubs Pitcher

    Scott Feldman Anguish Face dot jpg.

    Let's say you are a Nationals fan watching the team yesterday via, as a good fan does when they can't watch a local broadcast. You get up for a second and come back to this image right before the broadcast cuts to commercial.


    Not quite! Here's what you would've seen if you'd watched Bryce Harper's at-bat the first time around.

    Clearly, the ball comes nowhere near to impacting Feldman's noggin. Maybe he was just yelling in frustration because he thought he'd given up a hit.

    Major League Baseball pitching mounds measure 18 feet in diameter, so we can safely Harper's screamer was about six feet away or so.

    And if you were watching MASN live on TV in the greater DC metro area, you would've seen the ball pass safely by before the broadcast cut away.

    But on MLB.TV? NOT SO MUCH.

    Here's the entire sequence, if the optical illusion still has you troubled about Scott Feldman's well-being.