Baseballs Are Dangerous And You Should Avoid Them At All Costs

Watch your heads.

1. First, the bats came for us, and we did nothing.

2. Then last night, Anthony Rendon knocked this home run over the left field wall — and the ball nearly knocked a Phillies fan out cold.

3. (Incidentally, the next time someone makes fun of you for bringing your glove to the game, you show them this.)

4. And this, from Hanley Ramirez last night, looks just like a normal foul out of play.

5. When it was, in fact, a lethal projectile designed to wake even the most narcoleptic beat writer.

Molly Knight


Hanley Ramirez foul ball into the press box five minutes ago almost killed us all: #rip

6. And the years-long struggle of Man vs. Baseball goes ever on. Remain vigilant out there.

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