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    MMA Fighters Record Rare Double Knockout

    It took just 14 seconds for exactly nobody to win this bout.

    Welcome to MMA Fight Night! We've two eager young fighters ready to go. There's a crowd — and a ring announcer! This should be fun.

    Britt starts off with a right hook, which puts him in an optimal strategic position. You always want to be punching the other fighter.

    But then Alexander returns that with a "counter-kick." There's some real tactical savvy on display.

    But then Britt fires back with a sneaky body shot. This match could go either way!

    But then — THE RARE DOUBLE KO! Passing out at the same time as your opponent is generally frowned upon, but nothing is off-limits here, folks.

    The fight, which lasted 14 seconds, was declared a No Contest — meaning neither fighter won — and a rematch is set for June.

    The crowd's reaction in the aftermath? Stunned disbelief, as one would expect.

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    h/t The Big Lead