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    8 Plays That Demonstrate Jadeveon Clowney Isn't Just A "One-Hit Wonder" (Get It? Do You Get It?)

    College football is back and CLOWNEY MUST SMASH.

    South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney became internet-famous after he destroyed Michigan running back Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl last New Year's Day. You MAY have seen that clip. You may have seen it 1,000 times, in fact.

    But there's more to Clowney than this one (award-winning) hit.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty

    Clowney at the ESPYs receiving his Play of the Year award from a relatively-tiny-looking Yasiel Puig.

    1. There's this sack demonstrating his agility in the open field.

    2. And the time Arkansas' Tyler Wilson thought he was going to run a naked bootleg, which Clowney thought was hilarious.

    3. As well as this sack/near-decapitation.

    4. Or maybe the time he tackled a Kentucky tailback while standing up.

    5. The time he folded Georgia's Aaron Murray like a paper bag was pretty memorable.

    6. As was this deflected pass against LSU. (Nice hops!)

    7. This sack against the Gators, when he came out of nowhere like a Kraken from the depths of a Florida swamp, won't soon be forgotten.

    8. Nor will this full-extention sack/forced fumble against Tennessee.

    Clowney is comin'.

    Gerry Melendez/The State / MCT

    Clowney is HUNGRY.

    Gerry Melendez/The State / MCT

    And Clowney is ready for UNC tonight.

    And OK, fine, here's the Vincent Smith thing.