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31 Moments This Season In Which Eli Manning Was Definitely Not Having Any Fun At All

The 2013 NFL season has been bad for Eli — but great for #ManningFace.

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Eli Manning started this season having so much fun!

(Being paid to do commercials is probably pretty fun.)

But then the season started, and the fun stopped.

LM Otero / AP

1. There was his interception six seconds into his first game.

2. And then another one.

3. He just had this feeling that nothing was going right, even though he'd never lost a game at the new Cowboys Stadium.

4. Like the season was just doomed from the get-go.

5. And then the Giants lost the game and their record was 0-1.

6. And then it was 0-2 after losing at home to big brother Peyton.

Gary Hershorn / Reuters

7. And 0-3 after a 38-0 road loss against the Carolina Panthers.

Chris Keane / Reuters

8. The fun factor had long reached subzero by this point.

Grant Halverson / Getty Images

9. A road trip to Kansas City brought no measure of fun at all.

10. It only brought another loss — this one a 31-7 drubbing by the Chiefs — and an 0-4 record.

John Sleezer/Kansas City Star / MCT

11. Returning home to play the Eagles could've been fun — but was not.

12. The Fourth Quarter Spin of Sadness indicated a complete lack of fun.

13. When you don't have an offensive line of which to speak, there is often little fun in being a quarterback.

Robert Deutsch / Reuters

14. The team has to make plays in order to have fun.

15. And that did not happen against the Eagles.

16. When you're not having fun, you just want to hide your face.

17. But the cameras will always find you.

18. (Gah.)

Robert Deutsch/Usa Today Sports / Reuters

19. And so the Giants fell to 0-5, which is as unfun a record as an NFL team may have.

20. And no one enjoys looking like Hobo Michael Phelps, but here you are.

21. And you head into Thursday Night Football against the Bears, hoping the gods will smile on you for just one night. And then you throw a pick 53 seconds into the game.

22. And your second interception, just five minutes later, is returned for a score.

23. And you're trying to tie it up before halftime but you're forced to punt instead because your receiver can't handle the ball off his fingertips.

24. And being an unwilling player in a slo-mo halftime highlight montage is never fun.

25. But what's even less fun than that?

26. Not having fun in your second montage of the game.

27. Having to dwell on your late-game interception is the complete-opposite definition of the word "fun."

28. Having to listen to your coach about it is even less so.

29. And then the Giants went to 0-6 — their worst start in 37 years.

30. Football can be fun, but Eli Manning is not having any. (Fun, that is.)

31. Will it get more fun from here on? Just watch Eli's face. That's how we'll know.

Mike Dinovo / Reuters
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