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    Posted on Jan 9, 2014

    19 Reasons Why Being A Knicks Fan Is Worse Than Being Eaten Alive By Werewolves

    D'oh New York, d'oh New York, d'oh!

    1. It's the agony of a missed layup.

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    2. And knowing that 8 points in 8.9 seconds is not impossible.

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    3. It's this.

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    4. Alfkjlfj;akdfj;lkdf;lkja

    Jonathan Daniel / Getty

    5. It's knowing we never should've let him go.

    Joe Murphy / NBAE / Getty

    6. Or allowed this picture to be taken.

    Otto Greule Jr / Getty

    7. And who knows what happens if Bernard King doesn't shred the ACL in his right knee in '85.

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    8. We were a Hakeem Olajuwon fingertip from an NBA title in 1994.

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    9. And one Tim Duncan away from the 1999 title.

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    10. You can't forget when a "double nickel" became a thing.

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    11. Remember when our head coach hugged an opposing player's ankle like a toddler? Yeah, that was something.

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    12. But at least that one didn't quit via fax machine.

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    13. Our owner is... I can't even...

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    14. Why, God? Why must you smite the ligaments of those who need ligaments most?

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    15. Why must you inflict a plague of obese Italians upon the mecca of basketball?

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    16. Why must certain overpaid bench players be born without the part of the human brain that learns from mistakes?

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    17. How does one of the richest teams in sports end up having to run its best player into the ground because there are no other options who aren't injured or terrible at playing basketball?

    Jerome Miron / USA Today Sports

    18. Truly, our coach's body language speaks for all of us.

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    Chris Humphreys / USA Today Sports
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    19. Ten games below .500 with no first-round draft pick and a bloated roster already in place for next season. It won't get better any time soon. But misery loves company, so let's stick together.

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    After all, it could be worse.

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