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10 Tell-Tale Signs You've Entered Into Adulthood

Because we can't all be forever 21.

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10. Student loan payments are kicking in.


Oh yeah, almost forgot about those.

9. Online dating is starting to look like a good idea.


Where else are you supposed to meet people, anyway?

8. Coffee goes from disgusting to necessary.

7. Seeing high school pictures makes you cringe.


Good thing it was just a phase.

6. You start spending a lot more time with your parents.


They're actually pretty cool when you're no longer ground-able.

5. You get nauseous at the thought of ramen.


Or basically anything that can be cooked in under a minute.

4. You don't dress like you used to.


Khakis are pretty rad, though.

3. Wine at dinner is an everyday occurrence.


It's not just a want. It's a need.

2. New slang confuses you.


"Your bae's eyebrows may be on fleek, but she's still a thot. Swerve. Yass. Yolo."

1. You find yourself giving inappropriate lectures to kids.


You're probably guilty of saying, "When I was your age", too.

Welcome to adulthood. Self-five.

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