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23 Things People From Las Vegas Are Tired Of Hearing

"Did you grow up in a casino?"

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1. "Wait, there are people from Vegas?"

2. "Like, people live there?" / Via

Yes. About 2 million, in fact.

3. "Do you live in casinos?"

4. "What about hotels?"

5. "....strip clubs?" / Via

No. We have houses, apartments, and other places to live. Just like any other major metropolitan area.

6. "Is your mom a showgirl?"


Are you serious?

7. "What about a cocktail waitress?" / Via

I'm sure someone's mom was a cocktail waitress or dealer.

8. "Your parents were drug dealers?"

9. "So, do you live in Vegas Vegas or, like, just outside of Vegas?" / Via

You're probably thinking of The Strip, which is a very decorated road off of Las Vegas Boulevard. Some people live around there. The rest of us live on every other street that makes up the city, and its suburbs.

10. "Whatever. Either way, it was CRAZY growing up, right?" / Via

Not really.

11. "Didn't you hang out on the the Strip, like, every day?" / Via

You can't hang out at most places on The Strip without a parent or guardian if you're under the age of 18.

12. "I bet you partied ALL THE TIME." / Via

We mostly hung out at the mall. Or, you know, school.



14. " casinos?" / Via


15. "....are you sure?" / Via

OK, look, fine -- most of us have our graduation ceremonies at one of the big casino-hotels. BUT WE DID NOT RECEIVE OUR EDUCATION THERE.

16. "Sure, whatever. What about college? You have trade schools, right? For gambling?" / Via

Er...yes. But also universities and community colleges.

17. "So, are you, like, a professional at gambling?" / Via

Unfortunately not.

18. "I wish I was from a place that cool." / Via

Yeah, 'cause living on the surface of the sun is a real blast.

19. "Where should I go when I visit?" / Via

Well, there's Starbucks, Target, Krispy Kreme, Town Square shopping center...

20. "No, what do you do for fun." / Via

Oh...avoid The Strip and play video games.

21. "Do you at least go to the shows?" / Via

Sure, for prom and stuff. Discounts with local ID. SUCKAS.

22. "So, what was it like growing up there?"

Pretty normal! We probably did the same stuff you did, but in tank tops. With scene kids.
Ethan Miller / Getty Images / Via

Pretty normal! We probably did the same stuff you did, but in tank tops. With scene kids.

23. "What's the best part about living there?" / Via

Honestly? Hanging out with friends and discovering all the places you never hear about on TV.

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