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19 Sensations That Prove Books Are Better Than Sex

The knot in your chest as you run your fingers down its spine.

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1. The blinding shock of chemistry that draws you closer to a promising new read.

2. The flutter of hope in your chest as you spread open its cover.

3. The gentle creep of anticipation that crawls down your back as you slip between the pages.

4. And the sweet thrill of an exquisitely rendered sentence as it unfurls before your eyes.

5. The sense of intrigue as each new character reveals itself — protagonist…antagonist…antihero…foil!

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6. The growing heat of frustration when you’re dying to know what happens next but can’t skip ahead.

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7. The drip of sweat that beads along your neck as the plot thickens.

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8. And tightening in the depths of your stomach when the plot twist is revealed.

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9. The chill that runs down your body when you realize you have other things to do.

10. And have to gingerly place the book aside.

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11. The surge of serotonin that fills your brain as you race back to your beloved companion.

12. And the rapid beating of your heart as you thumb through the pages to find the place where you left off.

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13. The animalistic desire that overtakes the entirety of your being as you race through the rest of the story.

14. Though you take the time to savor the most poignant scenes.

15. Repeating your favorite sentences over and over again.

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16. The growing pool of dread that gathers in your limbs as you realize the book is ending.

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17. The baffling flood of conflicting emotions when you reach the last page.

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18. And the slow slumber of contentment to which you succumb.

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19. ...Until you're ready to read it again.

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