13 WTF Moments From "The L Word" You're Still Not Over

    Does Jenny as a person count? **Spoilers, obvs.**

    It was the best of shows...

    It was the worst of shows...

    And six years later, we still can't let it go.

    Here are the moments guaranteed to stir anger and angst in your heart.

    13. When the series got a new theme song.

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    When It Happened: The premiere of Season 2

    Why You're Not Over It: Because it is still the most irritating thing you've ever heard. Theme songs are supposed to be cheesy, but this is so desperately and atrociously campy that you've been scarred for life.

    12. When you found out Mark was secretly video taping Jenny and Shane.

    11. When Alice had a meltdown after Dana broke up with her.

    10. When Dana died from breast cancer.

    9. When Alice broke down and cried while "You Are My Sunshine" played in the background.

    8. When Max became the worst stereotype ever.

    7. When Shane left Carmen at the altar.

    6. When Jenny's book Lez Girls became a movie.

    5. When Jenny spoke.

    4. When Eva "Papi" Torres mysteriously disappeared from the series.

    3. When Shane and Jenny started "dating."

    When It Happened: Season 6, Episode 2

    Why You're Not Over It: Because this is a coupling only the sickest mind could conjure. Jenny and Shane had an enviable friendship, but the idea of them as lovers made your skin crawl.

    2. When Max's boyfriend left him pregnant and alone.

    1. When the entire sixth season. Just.