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21 Faces Every Girl With Naturally Curly Hair Will Recognize

The "I fucking love showers" face.

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1. When people compliment your bedhead because they think it's a style.

Cartoon Network Studios / Via

2. When people assume your hair is super easy to manage.

ABC / Via

3. When you're trying to find a style that works and your hair refuses to cooperate.

Globalp / Getty Images / Via

4. When someone asks you why you don't just brush your hair.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

5. When people tell you to "just straighten" your hair.

FOX / Via

6. When you actually style your hair and no one notices.

The Pokemon International Company / Via

7. When girls with loose waves complain about their "curly" hair.

BBC One / Via

8. When someone calls your hair an afro.

Wavy hair ≠ curly hair ≠ afros. Different textures and styles, people.
American International Pictures / Via

Wavy hair ≠ curly hair ≠ afros. Different textures and styles, people.

9. When it's mad humid outside and you dare to leave your house.

ABC / Via

10. When you look in the mirror after running around all day.

NBC / Via

11. When someone touches your hair without your permission.

12. When someone calls you exotic or ethnic because your hair is so curly.

Nickelodeon / Via

13. When you find a product that actually works on your hair.

Daniela Solomon / Getty Images / Via

14. When you realize you've run out of your favorite product.

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15. When a hair stylist says they don't know how to do your hair.

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16. And then they tell you they'll "try" anyway.

Bravo / Via

17. When you finally straighten your hair and see how long it's gotten.

CW / Via

18. When you find out it's going to rain.

NBC / Via

19. When people tell you that you look better with straight hair.

Walter Lantz Productions / Via

20. When you finally get to wash your hair again.

Disney / Via

21. And remember how great your curls are after all.

ABC / Via

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