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    • erikasta

      I work ataSephora as well. GLAD TO SEE US STICKING TOGETHER AND DEFENDING OUR STORE! I’malittle on the fence about this “buzz feed article” or whatever you’d like to think of this post….anyways, working at sephora can be very fun, and difficult at times.Iagree with what my fellow ladies have said, WE GET IN TROUBLE IF WE CONSTANTLY DO NOT ASK IF YOU NEED HELP. ok?? Would you rather go intoastore (where there is an overwhelming amount of products to look at) and have nobody to show you what you’re looking for? even if its just one stupid eyeliner? Also, who else is going to help you find your color of lipstick? Because lord knows Crimson Red isn’tashade everyone can pull off. We don’t work on commission so you should trust that we are telling you the truth when we say it looks good or bad.Ido agree with some areas of this post as far as the lighting goes…it could be better. As far as the cost of products….YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Sure, go intoaWalgreens and go get some cheap skin care items to cover your face with. But you don’t go through the training we do and you do not know the difference betweena15$ face lotion and what we sell.Iabsolutely love my job.Igo through hours of training and Sephora isareputable company. We take customer service extremely seriously and we truly care about our customers. You win some, you lose some. You can’t make everyone happy.

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