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8 Indie Rock Bands You Need To Hear NOW!

Read up so you can tell all your hipster friends you actually did hear about them first.

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1. Remo Drive

Remo Drive / Via

Genre: Dance Punk

Location: Minnesota

My Fav: Crash Test Rating

Remo Drive released their debut album "Greatest Hits" (funny, I know) in March 2017. The album's popularity was greatly boosted thanks to the music video for their song "Yer Killin' Me" which has over 600k views on youtube since its release in January. They'll be heading out on tour across the US with McCafferty soon, tour dates and tickets available on both of their websites.

2. Mike Krol

Steven Universe, Mike Krol / Via

Genre: Garage Rock / Power Pop

Location: Los Angeles

My Fav: Like A Star

Mike Krol is too cool to care and really doesn't like Jazz music apparently. What started as a side project in his garage in 2011 with his debut album release "I Hate Jazz" caught fire in September 2016 when two of his songs were featured on the popular cartoon show "Steven Universe." Now Mike is signed to Merge Records, has 3 albums out, and is working on a 4th. With most songs being under two minutes long, I promise giving him a listen is worth your time.

3. Daddy's Beemer

Daddy's Beemer / Via Facebook: dadsbeem

Genre: Slack Rock

Location: Clemson, SC

My Fav: TV Lied To Me

Daddy's Beemer perfectly combines feelings of laziness and angst to hammer out killer hits from their dorm rooms at Clemson. Their eponymous 6-song EP is available on their bandcamp as well as iTunes and Spotify. They don't have any plans on touring currently, but if you're reading this from somewhere in South Carolina try and hunt these guys at your local dive bar.

4. Love Like Ruby

Marcus Mintz / Via Facebook: LoveLikeRuby

Genre: Garage Punk

Location: Raleigh, NC

My Fav: Postcard

Love Like Ruby is truly an undiscovered gem (I know, I'm hilarious) in the canyon that is punk rock revival. The emerging college group has recently released their first studio album "Red Notebook." The album has 10 songs that span across several different indie rock subgenres, so it's bound to have something for everyone. The band plans on traveling up the east coast in August to play some shows, and you can find more info on those dates on their Facebook page.

5. Happy Hollows

Happy Hollows / Via Facebook: happyhollows

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Location: Los Angeles

My Fav: High Wire

Heading back over to the west coast, I bring you Happy Hallows. This LA band fronted by Sarah Negahdari has been cruising around the LA indie scene for years. Take out your tarot cards and sip some tea while listening to Happy Hollows' sick synth tones. Their upcoming album Concordia is coming out on September 8th, be sure to check it out.

6. The Weak Days

The Weak Days / Via Facebook: theweakdays

Genre: Indie Punk/Party Metal

Location: Richmond, VA

My Fav: Evan Thomas Weiss

The Weak Days are a fresh take on classic punk. Their smooth bass lines are given power by the strength of the drums. Although they have bandmates scattered all over the country, they call Richmond their headquarters where they have made a name for themselves in the city's growing punk scene. Their most recent album "TIGHT" was released this month, be sure to check it out on their bandcamp.

7. The MOBBS

The MOBBS / Via Facebook: THEMOBBSuk

Genre: Punk Rock

Location: Northampton, UK

My Fav: Garage Punk for Boys

It wouldn't be fair to the genre to not include a British band in an indie rock list, so I give you The MOBBS. For all the Europeans reading this, finally here's a band you can definitely catch. This band has played all across Europe and notably plays at dive bars all around their hometown in England. Be sure to check their website for upcoming tour dates.

8. Resilient

Resilient / Via Facebook: resilienttheband

Genre: Fizzrock

Location: Philadelphia, PA

My Fav: I'm Onto You

Resilient is easily the most badass band I've ever heard that has a cello player. With heavy grunge vibes and a strong female lead, this band will give you flashbacks of "Hole" and other greats of the 90's. Their first music video was released this past March and is a must watch. The band is also going on tour starting this August all across the Eastern and Midwest United States, so be sure to check out their tour dates on their website.

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