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14 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode One Of The Handmaid's Tale

Hold onto your weird, cone-shaped hats. Spoilers ahead!

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2. Wait, this isn't on Netflix?

It's on Hulu?! Do I have Hulu? Do I have loved ones who would let me log into their Hulu?

13. I am genuinely proud of Offred and Ofglen for letting their guards down for just a moment to open up to each other.

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What they're going through is so horrific, and it would be even worse to do it completely alone. Female friendships make me feel all warm and snuggly inside.

14. So I get that the big cliffhanger is supposed to be "Who is the Eye?" but my most serious unanswered question right now is who da heck are all the ladies in gray around the house?

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