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    9 WTF Moments From Toddlers And Tiaras

    Does Honey Boo Boo make you wanna boohoo until you leave your last breath? If you’ve got children of your own (and a regard for their mental and emotional well-being), then I guess you’ve already seen Toddlers and Tiaras at least once. Even if you haven't though, I'm sure you'll yell “what the F***” at least nine times reading this.

    4 Year Old Dolly Parton

    Pretty Woman


    Just Let Me Outside

    I’m Smiling on the Inside

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    Wonders never cease. From the mother who is afraid of her child developing too much colour, to the mothers that invest in home spray tanning kits, Toddlers and Tiaras runs the gamut. Karmen’s mom happens to be in the latter group. And, she’s just not phased as the cameras capture her child crying in a bikini on television while she forces her to stand still for her tan. It wouldn’t be so dreadful if we didn’t have to see the poor girl crying a few moments later because she’s hungry (and presumably her mom won’t let her eat until after her performance). And then her mom says she’s just so pleased at the look on Karmen’s face as the camera cuts to a sincerely displeased girl who says, “I’m smiling on the inside.”

    Facial Beauty is the Most Important Thing

    I Can Do Whatever I Want To

    Those Girls Are Ugly

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    You can kind of imagine this coming from the mouth of a cheeky 16 year old, right? But that’s 3 in the pageant world apparently. So it shouldn’t come as a shock when 3 year old Kayla, who is barely coherent, declares, “all those girls are ugly.” It shouldn’t come as a shock but it does, especially as her mother smiles as she pretends to correct her daughter. Surely this is for the cameras; Kayla must have gotten that idea from somewhere, right? In the same sequence, we see this poor girl trying to fight off her mom as she brushes her hair on the kitchen counter. Delightful and hygienic, who could ask for more?

    Honey Boo Boo