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7 Things You Never Want To Hear Over The Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are perfect for listening to your little one to make sure she is safe or to hear when she is awake. Many parents use them in their children’s bedrooms or playrooms or even set them up in the kitchen while their toddler eats a snack so they can do a load of laundry. When you hear something that doesn’t sound quite right, or if your little one is in need, you’ll know right away when you use baby monitors. Humorous or not, there are some things your toddler does or says that you never want to hear over the baby monitor.

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1. The Toilet Flush


Unless you are potty training and your toddler has reached the point where she can help herself in the bathroom, the sound of a toilet flushing can mean anything. Maybe she’s just curious or maybe she is experimenting with what she can and can’t flush down the toilet. Every parent has dealt with a flushed toy, roll of toilet paper or even pet. The sound of a toilet flushing or a toddler splashing in water coming over the baby monitor isn’t a parent’s dream.

2. Appliances Starting

You never want to hear the microwave go on, the washing machine start or the mixer start whirring when your toddler is on the move. These sounds mean he is into something he shouldn’t be. If you suddenly hear any of these sounds of your monitor, it’s time to redirect your toddler to a safer activity and area.

3. A Crash, Thump or Other Scary Noise

Noises that sound like your toddler is into something he shouldn’t be can be downright scary. If you hear anything like a thump, a door slamming or a crash, you better be on the scene fast.

Home safety is extremely important and using baby monitors is just the first step to creating a safe environment for your kids. You can use child-safety locks and Lindam stair gates to make sure your toddler is safe and doesn’t get into things that could be dangerous.

4. “Let me Cut Your Hair”

Nearly every family has a hair-cutting story. You know the type. The toddler thought it would be a good idea to trim her sister’s hair, or even her own, and the results were disastrous. If you hear any chatter relating to hairstyles, it’s time to hide the scissors.

5. “Colouring pens are Yummy!”


Any mention of eating something other than food is scary to hear over the baby monitor. There’s no doubt that toddlers will put almost anything in their mouth, except what you want them to, so keep your ears open for any clues that your baby is snacking on something besides dinner.

Of course, you can’t completely prevent your toddler from chewing on things, but you can make sure he has safe things to grab. Provide teething toys and keep small things out of reach as much as possible.

6. “Don’t Tell Mommy”

Three of the most terrifying words to hear a toddler utter are “Don’t tell mommy.” This is scary because you know she’s up to no good, you know she’s smart enough to hide it from you and you have no idea what the scheme entails.

When you hear these words, talk to your children without being confrontational. Start by checking in on them and asking “What you are guys doing?” Asking questions in a chatty way will help you find out what’s going on without causing a fight or a tantrum.

7. “We Don’t Need Paper”


Every creative child has drawn on something he shouldn’t. If you hear talk of creating works of art without paper, make sure your walls, furniture and carpet are safe! To prevent this disaster, provide a special art area for your toddler with plenty of paper and a kids’ table where you won’t mind a few accidental scribbles. You can also provide “safe” art supplies like magnet sets and paper dolls and keep things like crayons, markers and paints out of reach and get them out when you can help your toddler with them.