51 Signs You Are The Greatest Complainer That Ever Lived

If moaning were a career path, you would be a millionaire.

1. You hate people. In general.

2. You hate positive people. In particular.

4. You hate talking to people in network events

5. You hate having to go through security

6. You hate most of your colleagues

7. You hate dressing for the office

9. You hate keeping notes

10. You hate using the company toilets

11. You hate the company’s office

12. You hate posing for photos

13. You hate chicken

16. You hate having to be quiet

17. You hate traveling

18. You hate sneezing

19. You hate your laptop

20. You hate fruit. Any fruit.

23. You hate sales people calling you

24. You hate Facebook

25. You hate the Titanic

26. You hate people who giggle

27. You hate music chairs

28. You hate children

29. You hate public transport

30. You hate other people’s drama

31. You hate haters

32. You hate parties

33. You hate Paulo Coelho

Via paulo coelho

34. You hate good looking people

35. You hate going to the supermarket

37. You hate visiting the mall on a Saturday

39. You hate people who love the movie more than the book

40. You hate going on a diet on a Monday

41. You hate it when it’s Friday the 13th

42. You hate speed limits

43. You hate studying for the exams

44. You hate getting up early

45. You hate seeing people fall in love

46. You hate doing laundry

48. You hate sprinkles in your coffee

49. You hate Sunday family dinners

50. You hate Christmas

51. You hate happy endings in movies

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