5 Inanimate Objects More Entertaining Than The Bachelor

Don’t get me wrong — Ben Flajnik seems like a real nice guy. But when it comes to reality TV, it’s like watching a duck float across a pond.

Staplers have the ability to fasten papers together. Ben Flajnik has the ability to part his hair perfectly down the middle. Which sounds more utilitarian?

This majestic beast can be placed at the entrance to your office, serving as both a ceremonious greeting and a firm warning against foulplay. Ben Flajnik likes to wear T-shirts.

Not only can you put food in it, but you can use it to race around the grocery mart! If that’s not a rush of high-adrenaline fun, I don’t know what is.

Ben Flajnik does not recommend that you try to make wine from store-bought grapes.

See the full post here: http://www.comediva.com/5-inanimate-objects-more-entertaining-than-the-bachelor

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