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The Everyday Struggles Of Having A Prosthetic Eye

The things you wouldn't think happen to me every day

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So can you see out of it?

The Late Show / Via

I mean come on! Do you really think I'm the bionic man or something?

Merging on the highway? Think again


Lucky to have never been in an accident but there have been tons of close calls

Long walks on the beach- not so romantic


When I walk on the beach I push whoever is next to me into the water and trust me it gets awkward

Vision Tests

And now close your right eye....What letter is this? I can't see anything...

Depth Perception is a Struggle

I can't tell you how many free throws I missed at basketball practice and had to run suicides

Leaving People Hangin'

People have to say my name multiple times until I see them

Explaining to people that your glasses are clear

Wearing glasses for protecting my other eye gets annoying especially because I have 0/20 vision

People scaring me on my blind side

Once my friends know they make it a game to see who can scare me the worst

3D movies don't work

I'll pay the extra money to see a 3D movie with my friends but I can't see the 3D effects

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