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    Posted on Feb 27, 2016

    Ever Notice How The Orcs In "Shadow Of Mordor" Are Basically Frat Bros?

    Welcome to Omega Rho Chi, AKA the ORC Frat.

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    If you know anything about video games, you know that Warner Bros. Shadow of Mordor caused quite a stir in gaming.

    Set in the universe of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth, Shadows of Mordor takes place in the time between The Hobbit and The Fellowship of The Ring.

    Mass Market
    Mass Market

    It's basically a prequel to the Lord of The Rings trilogy.

    The graphics are excellent, and the combat mechanics, while not revolutionary, feel great.

    Taking out a war party of 20 Uruk with an unbroken hit streak = pure satisfaction.

    Shadows also introduced an innovative new hierarchy system for enemies that everyone talked about.

    Every orc in the game has an unique identity with a name and custom strengths and weaknesses to be exploited when you fight them. They even get promoted through Sauron's army when they kill you!

    But there's also something else that makes these orc bros seem familiar...

    1. The brothers of Omega Rho Chi know how to party.

    These bros are the animal house of Mordor University.

    2. Their swag philosophy is admirably simple.

    "Eat and drink! Eat and Drink!" Works for me. Also, dope headgear.

    3. They don't always know their limits when it comes to booze.

    Aaaaaannnd they're down again.

    4. Like, way, way not at all.

    "Pull it together for God's sake, Lugdash. Pushkrimp, come help me get Lugdash back to the house!!"

    5. After one of their ragers, you'll find them passed out all over the place.

    That cannot be comfortable, Grublik. You're gonna be HURTING tomorrow morning.

    6. Like, ALL over the damn place.

    You're not making it to your 10 A.M. bio lab, Ashgarn. I don't see that happening.

    7. Including some really questionable crash spots.

    "Holy shit, Vush! How did you even get all the way out here last night?"

    8. Some of their "party games" seem downright dangerous, tbh.

    Who approved the "spear in the head" game? Who thought that would be a fun?

    9. Which might be because they are clearly high AF for large parts of their day.

    Thrak, dude, your eyes are literally glowing. I know you're faded.

    10. They always have one dude named "Tank" or "Diesel" or "Big Narkôth" who thinks gross stuff is hilarious.

    "Great, dude, you puked. No, I don't want to see it."

    11. The hazing during Hell Week is pretty brutal.

    Pushkrimp just wanted a sense of brotherhood, not to be filled with gas station wine and tied to a pole in the rain.

    12. And, finally, their ideas about public decency are a touch...hazy.

    "That's a really sneaky spot to piss, Ghám. Here's the thing, though, we can all see your junk."

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