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    Mar 6, 2018

    8 "BuzzFeedy" Tactics For Grabbing Your Reader's Attention

    It's not only the cat GIFs. OK, it's mostly the cat GIFs.

    1. Write the way you'd talk to a friend or acquaintance. . .

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    For most audiences in 2018, formality is not your friend. That doesn't mean you have to change the content of your message, or leave out details, but, tonally, more chill is better.

    2. . . . but don't force it.

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    The key word in the first tip is "you." Write the way YOU talk to friends, not the way you think other people talk to friends. Again, a relaxed tone is gonna matter more than using some collection of the "right" words or phrases.

    3. Split your information up into digestible pieces.

    Doze Studios / Via

    Literally. Visually. Split that shit up. Short sentences make short paragraphs. People are more likely to read longer, more complex content presented piecemeal than relatively simple content presented in big blocks of text.

    4. Get. To. The. Point.

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    There is (hopefully) a reason you're writing what you're writing. Make sure the people who read you know what that reason is.

    5. Test and learn.

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    Keep track of what works and what doesn't. Tweak what doesn't work and keep track of that. If you tweak it and it still doesn't work, get rid of it. Keep track of the bad ideas and the good ones.

    6. If you find something that works. Keep doing it until it stops working.

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    Creative people don't like to do the exact same thing twice. Too bad. When something works you gotta pile onto it. Don't worry, it'll stop working sooner than you think and you can move onto the next thing.

    7. GIFs. Seriously. GIFs.

    Sorry. They just work. You don't like GIFs? Find some other way to pair your text with visuals that accent or complement your point. Also, the "g" is hard. "Jif" is peanut butter.

    8. Don't be the last one holding on to a meme.

    Twitter: @nusr_ett

    Memes are tricky things. They appear out of nowhere and vanish just as quickly. When they are over, let them disappear into the internet ether. Trust me, there are already five new ones you haven't seen yet.