iPhone 6 New Hit Game: Tiny Diver

The latest game designed by App Wave Studios, Tiny Diver is one of the cutest games to hit the App Store. With a clean design, simple interface and clear quests, gamers of all ages will find nothing but hours of entertainment with this free app. It is a four star addition to the mobile gaming world that is both addictive and refreshing in a world clogged by sub-par android games. The Story Tiny Diver stars you, a petite adventurer of the sea complete with over-sized flippers and hair that miraculously holds its form. As you explore the depths, you come across coins to collect and creatures to avoid. There are even extras that pop up in the form of arrows, rockets and much more. These help you make your way as you try to fulfill many of the given quests.

esornoso • 3 years ago