Eric Munter Online NHL play by play announcer and hockey commentator, author, binge coffee drinker, peanut butter connoisseur, and @BOWAworld's Creative Overlord.
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  • NHL Awards Quiz & Results

    The 2015 National Hockey League Awards assembled the biggest and brightest stars under one roof at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Do you know who walked away with the biggest awards of the 2014-2015 season? Do you even know what each award is for? Find out in this quiz and awards results post below!

  • The Ultimate Father’s Day Baseball Quiz

    Does your Father know his baseball as well as mine? My Dad can get all of these VERY challenging baseball trivia questions correct … I hope! (Sarcasm warning: the aforementioned “very challenging” notation is clearly in jest. True baseball fans will most probably excel greatly. Probably. I’m guessing).

  • Stanley Cup Finals Game 6

    Last night the Chicago Blackhawks hoisted the Stanley Cup for the sixth time in the team’s illustrious history and the third in the last six seasons. This no doubt puts them into the “Dynasty” conversation. Especially being able to accomplish this feat in the salary cap era of today’s Modern NHL. Below is my coverage from last night’s game including my play-by-play commentary from my internationally viewed series Play NHL. In yesterday’s Quick Picks episode I correctly predicted the Blackhawks would win and lift the Cup (a rare correct pick if you’ve followed this series). And finally, in yesterday’s NHL Hat Trick Challenge I finished off the 2014-2015 NHL Season with a 3-for-3 hat trick as I got all three questions right. Challenge completed! As always, I hope you enjoy my commentary and hockey coverage. Feel free to leave a comment and any feedback. Hope you will join me for my coverage of another game at another time.

  • Stanley Cup Finals Game 4

    It’s Lightning vs Blackhawks! Catch the highlights of the Chicago Blackhawks as they host the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 4 of their Stanley Cup Finals matchup on June 10, 2015 at the United Center. Who will come out on top?

  • Stanley Cup Finals Game 2

    It’s Blackhawks vs Lightning! Catch the highlights of the Tampa Bay Lightning as they host the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals on June 6, 2015 at the Amalie Arena.

  • Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 (Play NHL 15)

    The internationally viewed and syndicated series Play NHL features the play-by-play calls of game-played simulations by hockey commentator Eric Munter. The simulation series is the only show worldwide that covers every game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Today’s game-played simulation features Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

  • Emmy Winners Recap

    Want a full recap of this year’s Emmy Award winners? Then watch all the video announcements from Constant Positive News! Or if you’d rather a speedier option, read the title to each to get your quick fix to spread the word that your favorite celeb or show won. CPN (Constant Positive News) airing on proudly recognizes those individuals who positively influence the world by pursuing their life’s passion. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

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