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You Should Be More Like Catbug

Everyone's favorite dimension hoping, part cat, part ladybug critter is friendly and always ready to help his friends out! More reasons? Let's see..

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Catbug is said to live in two separate dimensions - the one we see and the See-Through Zone! He can "jump" between them in a ball of light, but he doesn't know how to make himself go there. Maybe it might never happen again!

He also has a wealth of imagination and a very creative story writing method. Watch the DramaBug Minisode to see the full production, but basically Sir Jeffers loves Rebecca, but Rebecca loves another mystery man, who happens to be Sir Jeffers, but she's marrying Sir Jeffer's brother, Chad, who doesn't want Sir Jeffers at the wedding, but does want Sir Jeffers to be his best man. It's heart wrenching stuff!

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