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When Tomorrow Really Starts

In life, tomorrow is a big day. It's where you make your move, where your hard work pays off, and where your real adventures begin. Tomorrow is always waiting, but you shouldn't wait for tomorrow.

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"Your life is just starting out," and "It's about creating yourself," and all the lines you hear on a daily basis as you head out the door to your next class, your next job. You're working to get by today while being told that tomorrow is when your life begins.

Yet there are those around you who seem fearless. It's like they have some gene that makes them indestructible so nothing slows them down. They know what they want and where they're going, and we're all pretty sure they are going to get there before the rest of us even step up to the edge.

Because we've stepped up before. We've tried, we've struggled, and we've fallen before. We've hit the asphalt and been laid out flat, but that didn't make us failures, didn't make us give up our dreams. It made us get back up, stronger for it.

In a world of millions, it's easy to feel like the adventures are happening without us, life is just flashing by. But we hustle and we step back up. We plan, we prepare, we get the gear we need to do better. Life doesn't stop for anyone and because of that we've learned to not stop ourselves.

With a lethal blend of careful preparation and headstrong determination, we've seen others do the impossible. We've studied, we've watched and now we know what we need. Armed with the right shoes on our feet, the right backpack at our back, the right focus in our mind, we can make things happen. We're not satisfied to sit on the side and watch them live the lives we want. Those who live every day to its full potential got there because they realized tomorrow starts today.

It's not easy, but we'll work through the exhaustion from the daily grind to make our own luck. A special kind of determination and willpower is required to grab the opportunities before us and make them ours, but we're not the lazy generation the media likes to label us as. But they don't have to understand our methods or see things as we see them. We know where we're headed and we'll keep at it until we arrive.

Because we know the scrapes and falls we've gone through have made us tougher, brought us closer to our goals. With the right gear and the right preparation, we can do anything. This is how we start the adventure that is tomorrow, today.

There are urban mountains to climb, underground roads to explore, subcultures to conquer, and destinations of the mind that can only be found beyond the walls of comfort we've built around us. If we keep holding off until tomorrow, we'll never achieve anything beyond a safe and stale existence at best.

You can spend all your life looking at the things bigger than you, the people ahead of you, the things you haven't done, or you can focus in on your own life and where you want to go. Every day we are given an opportunity to live our lives the way we want to, to find new experiences and seek the adventures that are waiting for us. All that is required is for us to seek them today, not tomorrow.

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