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    • ericg42

      My wife and I were equally HIGHLY disappointed with the Dexter writers. I did find this very well written alternative option. Should have hired this guy: My Alternate Ending: Deb stays alive a little while longer and she still regrets killing LaGuerta so much so that she commits suicide but not before explaining everything about Dexter in a suicide note. (She would have to somehow prove that she wasn’t lying, but it would be the writer’s job to figure that out). Dexter discovers the note and goes on the run. He would be the most wanted man in america at that point. He delivers the exact same message to Hannah and Harrison [(the one he gave them before he chucked his phone in the water)-(he would have to contact Hannah before the news went viral)]. So now Dexter finds his new home and job, the lumberjack thing works. BUT, after receiving the news that Dexter had been found out she starts to resent him for leaving her with his kid in a foreign country with no plan and barely any money. One day Hannah catches Harrison with a dead rabbit and she knows that he is the same as Dexter so she trains Harrison and teaches him how to kill without being caught. She would put her own twist on the way he killed, maybe by teaching him about the plants she used to use. And Harrison knows about his dad; with the persuasion from Hannah, Harrison finds himself hating Dexter for leaving him and Hannah when he could have just fled to Argentina but Dexter chose not to. The final minute of the show would play out like this: *Hannah has passed away due to illness and age*. We find a young man sitting alone outside of a cabin eating an oreo cookie, he walks into the cabin lined wall to wall with plastic. On one of the walls is a picture of a 4 year old Harrison along with a picture of Hannah. In the centre of the cabin is a table with an unconscious, aged man wrapped up in plastic….fully constricted. The man regains consciousness and finds himself looking into a pair of two dark and unforgiving eyes….The old man could have sworn that he was looking into the past…seeing a son which he abandoned…the final line would be Harrison saying “Hello dad”. Harrison looks into the camera with the same creepy look that only a psychopath could achieve and the screen goes black…. But I would also have Dexter (before Dexter is killed) attending the funeral of his long time and only true friend Bautista…watching from afar, bidding his final farewell to his friend. Quinn is Deputy Chief, Matsuka is working for the FBI as the head of the forensic department. And i would have Cody (Dexter’s stepson) working for Miami metro as sergeant (He would be about 30-40 years old). MEGA SURPRISE TWIST would be that Astor would be married to Harrison!!! (Yes, there is about a 15 year age gap but Astor is a single alcoholic) Astor would have no clue that its Harrison because he would have changed his identity to be with her. Why would Harrison be with Astor? He’s a psychopath. i think it would have taken another episode after they established Dexter being in exile. It would be an episode filled with familiar faces living their lives with the addition of an unrecognizable Harrison. Harrison could even work for Miami Metro as the blood spatter analyst…who knows. the possibilities would be endless. I feel like my ending is better for me and it literally took 30 mins to make up out of thin air,,, it doesn’t even feel like Dexter is over. Not for me anyways..

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