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16 Baby Sloths Who Are Concerned About The Proposed GOP Replacement For The ACA

These baby sloths are delightful - and are worried that they, like millions of Americans, will not receive decent healthcare under the proposed Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act! (Non-sloth info source:

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4. This tiny sloth Is upset because the proposed legislation removes federal funding from organizations providing abortions when it is already illegal for those organizations to use federal money to pay for the costs of said abortion.

7. This upside down clown is explaining to the frog how if healthier people suffer no penalty from opting out of health insurance coverage, it only makes insurance rates go up for sick people who require coverage.

16. And this sleepy guy just can't even with the fact that the people in Congress proposing this gutting of healthcare will still have access to the best and most affordable plans the country has to offer.

17. If, like these cute baby sloths, you are concerned about the Republicans' proposed replacement of the ACA, call your congressperson and let them know. Don't know who your congressperson is? Use this link to find out:

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