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    • ericc21

      Julius Caesar did NOT rule over the Roman republic. The republic had ceased to function thanks to Marius and Sulla. Caesar madeapact with two other people to govern sections of the empire. One of these was Pompey who was consider the senior memeber of the pact. Because he wasajunior partner he got the little province of trans alpine gaul or southern france. He saw it as an opportunity to makeaname for himself and did by conquering all of gaul/france. His ambition alarmed some senators on the opposite side of the political isle from him and so they setatrap by demanding he return home to Rome. He knew he couldn’t refuse but if he went they were sure to either arrest him on some trumpped up charge and or kill him. Not being an idiot, he went to his soldiers and asked him to return home with him. When they agreed and crossed the Rubicon River Caesar has been incorrectly blamed for ending the republic ever since. This is thanks mainly due to Shakespear who, for some reason, is taken to beahistorian instead ofasimple playwright by intellectualy lazy people

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