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Comcast & Other Telecoms Have Given Over $600K To Hillary Clinton For The 2016 Election

In the 2016 election cycle, Telecoms have spent over $662,489 lobbying the four remaining presidential candidates. 97% of that money has gone to Hillary Clinton.

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Like any other special interest group, Big Cable is using dollars to try and win support in the government. A little over 6 months ago, a report was released stating that Comcast and other telecoms had spent over $88 million on lobbying in 2015 (Comcast spent the most, with the newly named NCTA-The Internet & Television Association spending at a close second).

It’s not surprising, really. After all, the Comcast and the rest of the cable companies are in an uproar after the FCC released its new proposal requiring cable companies to build their own apps that would do away with the need to rent cable boxes. Big Cable will do anything within its power to gain influence as it struggles to keep its grasp on the television industry.

Of course, big changes are forthcoming, as each party has chosen its respective candidate and the race for the White House is in full force. So it seems logical to question where those lobbying dollars are going now. Who does Big Cable think will have its best interests at heart going into 2017?

To answer the question, I turned to, a site that collects data on lobbying monies in the United States. This is the source CutCableToday used in its original report. According to the data collected so far this election cycle, telecoms have spent $662,000 so far this year lobbying the four presidential candidates (Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson). Here’s the breakdown of where the money has gone:

Eric Brantner / Via self-created

Clearly, Comcast and the rest of the cable industry feels pretty confident that Hillary Clinton will be its champion moving forward, as it hopes to continue running business as usual with data caps that serve no real purpose, hidden fees, and skyrocketing prices. Clinton has received $640,247 from telecoms, a whopping 97% of all the money given. Trump has received a little less than 3%, and the two third party candidates essentially nothing. (Gary Johnson received a measly $325, which is interesting since he’s the only third party candidate to be featured on the ballots in all 50 states). / Via

Of course, Big Cable isn’t just spending its lobbying dollars on trying to gain influence in the oval office. Members of Congress have received plenty of gifts as well. In fact, Republican Greg Walden received the second most money from the telecoms to the tune of $155,600. Surprisingly, following a close third is Bernie Sanders at $154.617.

With the 2016 election right around the corner, many Americans are still uncertain as to who to vote for. And with your social media feeds being slammed with news article after news article attempting to sway your thinking, it might be worth drowning out the noise and keeping data such as this in mind as you try to make your decision.

Key takeaways:

•Telecoms have spent $662,489 lobbying the four presidential candidates so far in 2016

•Hillary Clinton has received 97% of the lobbying dollars, at a total of $640,247

•Gary Johnson has received only .0005% of the money, at $325

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