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15 Thoughts Everyone Has After Finishing College

Everyone else is back to school this week and you're over here like "time to find a big kid job!"

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1. Yes! Finally finished! All that hard work has finally paid off!

2. That internship I did is sure to offer me a job.

3. I’ll definitely find a job before my student loan grace period is up.

4. Ok, the economy is bad. Something will come up soon... Right?

5. If I write ONE MORE cover letter.

6. Why the hell did I major in (liberal arts field)?

7. For real, something will come up soon. Patience is key.

8. Ok seriously, why didn’t my parents tell me not to major in (liberal arts field)?

9. Maybe I should start a blog.

10. Grad school?

11. Maybe I can go teach English in (random country)!

12. Why can’t I just meet a really rich guy/girl and become a stay-at-home parent.

13. I think I’ll start my own business.

14. Nevermind. Way too much work.

15. At least Mom has HBO.

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