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10 Tell-Tale Signs You're Getting Really Old

Does this make me basic? What? #whatever (am I doing that right?)

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1. You just don't get the appeal of Snapchat.

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Call me old-fashioned, but I'd rather post my selfies on Instagram, for the world to see.

2. Or Twitter, really. If we're being honest.

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You're one of the "old people" who still uses Facebook.

3. You need Urban Dictionary to look up teen slang.

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What are you saying??

4. You've asked a younger sibling for help with technology at least once.


Hey little brother, can you help me set the TV to the DVD player?

5. Going back to your college campus is really weird.


Is that guy a parent or a student?

6. You've been called "sir" or "ma'am" at least once.

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7. Most cool celebrities are now younger than you.

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Just no.

8. And you probably don't recognize most of them.

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Who are these people?!

9. You've officially given up shopping at stores like Forever 21.

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Thank god for H&M.

10. You're starting to find it hard to have conversations with people who are just a couple of years younger than you.

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Actually, pretty much anyone for that matter.

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