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People On Twitter React After The New York Times Dubs Missouri The Shoot-Me State

"Such a well-regulated militia, amirite?" (BuzzFeed Application)

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Today, the New York Times Editorial Board published an opinion piece entitled, "Missouri: The Shoot-Me State."

Missouri: The shoot-me state via @nytopinion

The nickname is a play on the state's actual nickname, the Show-Me State. According to the op-ed article, Missouri legislation passed a new law on Wednesday allowing its citizens to conceal and carry, "...without a state gun permit, criminal background check or firearms training."

After the article was published, people took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the matter. Here are fifteen of the most popular tweets related to the piece, based on likes.


Missouri: No background check or permit to carry a gun now, but to vote you need a government-issued photo ID.


Voting GOP doesn't just put a climate-change denying racist in the White House. It's also a vote for NRA gun madness


"it certainly provides further evidence that gun safety cannot be left to state lawmakers beholden to the gun lobby"


Liberal rag @nytimes calls MO "The Shoot-Me State" while skipping one minor point...BG checks STILL required to BUY guns in the first place!


If #Obama & #CrookedHillary dump 100,000+ refugees in the US as they're planning, we're ALL going to be "The Shoot-Me State". #CivilWar


Missouri The shoot me state, where women can now kill their rapist rather than asking him/her to hold one minute while they call the police.


Regressives decrying Missouri as The Shoot-Me State forget 10 states have the same law and not experiencing the bloodshed Libs imagine


Twitter tyrants yellin "The Shoot-Me State" because they feel rights are given by a political party


No Permits Required. Anyone can open carry. My God! Insanity from Republicans Again! Missouri: The Shoot-Me State


Liberal press forgets States are sovereign. Publishes "Missouri: The Shoot-Me State" to prove their ignorance. -VJ


Missouri has now become "The Shoot-Me State" where anyone can carry #guns without permit or background check. This is a big kind of wrong.


NO state should require a license to carry. Mass shootings would end forever if more good guys carried and practiced. The Shoot-Me State


A looming public health crisis brought upon by a sick state legislature. The Shoot Me State:


No background check, no gun permit,& no firearms training? Such a well-regulated militia,amirite? The Shoot-Me State


The Shoot-Me State. More guns equals more gun deaths. Save me the suicides speech. They are still dead.

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