Which Fictional Teacher Are You?

You’re a role model for the future generation; but who’s your role model?

  1. Pick your least favourite student.
    1. Via Warner Bros.
      The Know-It-All
    2. The Lazy but Smart One
    3. Via Paramount Pictures
      The Mean Girl
    1. Via FOX
      The Class Clown
    2. Via MTV
      The Jock
    3. Via NBC
      The Kid Who’s Too Cool for School
    1. Via The CW
      The One Texting During Your Lesson
    2. Via FOX
      The Prankster
    3. Via Universal Press Syndicate
      The Smartass
    1. Via Paramount Pictures
      The One Who Tattles On You To Their Parents
    2. Via MGM
      The Physically Violent One
    3. Via NBC
      The One Who Always Argues
  2. Where do you teach?
    1. A swanky private school
    2. A boarding school
    3. A typical suburban public high school
    4. A middle-to-upper class public school
    5. A title-1 school, or school that has mostly at-risk youth
    6. An old, small elementary school
    7. A high school where basically all the staff are jaded
    8. A Charter or specialist school
    9. A packed high school
    10. A school not in your home country
    11. A middle school full of the smells of puberty
    12. A relatively small high school in a weird town
  3. If you hadn't gone into teaching, your major would have been in...
    1. Philosophy
    2. Social Work
    3. Political Science
    4. English Literature
    5. Theatre
    6. Quantum Physics
    7. Creative Writing
    8. Gender/Women’s Studies
    9. Psychology
    10. Statistics or Any Math
    11. Economics or Business
    12. Cosmetology
  4. During spring break, you'd be found...
    1. Gardening
    2. Partying
    3. At a coffee shop
    1. Working overtime
    2. Playing games with friends
    3. Via CBS
      Sitting on Tumblr
    1. At a bookstore
    2. On the beach
    3. Baking
    1. Reading the newspaper
    2. Singing karaoke
    3. Sewing/doing crafts
  5. Your work bestie is...
    1. Via Warner Bros.
    2. Via ABC
    1. Via Sony
    2. Via FOX
    1. Via NBC
    2. Via FOX Searchlight
    3. Via FOX
    1. Via ThinkFilm
    2. Via MGM
    3. Via Paramount Pictures
  6. What would you want to teach your students about?
    1. National History
    2. Classic Poetry
    3. Solar System
    4. Short Story Writing
    5. Beginning Readers
    6. Genius Hour/Passion Projects
    7. Health
    8. Musical Theatre
    9. Science Experiments
    10. History of Monetary Currency
    11. Pre-Calculus
    12. Career Planning

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