20 Signs You Go To Or Went To UCF

If you can relate to any of the things on this list than you are probably a knight!

1. You or someone you know works at Disney.

And everyone is obsessed with that loveable mouse.

2. UCF = Under Construction Forever

3. You have been late to class on multiple occasions because you can’t find a parking spot

4. You miss the Plaza and all the fond memories you had there

Or maybe your lack of memories….

5. Your freshman year was spent in Marketplace

And the cause of your Freshman 15

6. That moment when you accidentally stepped on the Pegasus

7. You look more forward to the Tailgate than the actual game

Hopefully you actually make it to the game

8. You can’t help but laugh at all the post on UCF’s craigslist

9. You have waited multiple hours for your Universal Knights ticket

Or know some secret to avoid the line

10. Your reaction to beating Louisville

11. You follow UCFsquirrels on twitter.

12. You know how to get through the crowd on Market Wednesday

13. You love Spirit Splash but are afraid to attend knowing what you could probably catch

It’s worth it!

14. You tell people on multiple occasion that Daniel Tosh and the creator of Tijuana Flats went to UCF

15. You have way too many pictures of the Reflection Pond on your phone.

16. You went hard for the Pink Competition and freaked out when we won


17. You can’t wait for Rent-A-Pup day

18. If you went to Rosen you hate the commute but the green chairs in the library are kind of worth it

19. You know how and when to get free food and do whatever it takes to get it

20. You are proud to be a Knight!


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