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What We Learned On The Blacklist Winter Finale And What It Could Mean

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for anyone who has not seen the winter finale yet. If you don't care, read on.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The second season of NBC's The Blacklist has been very different from the first. We had some things to figure out and for once, NBC gave us a few answers, wrapped in more riddles. We finally got a resolution the Berlin story line (Though I had hopes for a spin off with just Red and Berlin committing crimes. It would have been a gas!

Berlin's gone and Red helped his daughter escape with a new life. NBC almost had me thinking Zoe was Red's daughter but there was no way and that leaves the Red/Lizzie debate as hot as ever. We aren't even getting into that topic on this post. Some of this season's teasers have been frustrating like the door, for example. We all assumed it was Tom and if it hadn't been that would've been the biggest twist of the show but it was so we lessened our faith in the writers. Until the very end of the winter finale.

Lizzie's been an entirely different character thus far which is expected with all she's been through. I do hope she'll get back to being a friend to Red instead of a frenemy. She locked Tom up which was kind of insane for an FBI agent to do.

The last scene of the winter finale had Tom meeting Red for an envelope and a warning to stay away from Liz forever. Now, I think he'll be back because somewhere in the crazy character of Tom Bond, there is a man who is in love with her. But what does this revelation mean for the show??? How long has Tom been working for Red? Has he always been and does that mean Red put Tom in Lizzie's life to begin with just so he could show up and throw her world upside down to gain her trust? Or was Tom supposed to keep her safe until Berlin made a better offer causing Red to have to come out of hiding? He could've been hired at any point in the first season as well, like when they met at the hospital or after he realized he worked for Berlin. This moment made me question everything we've watched thus far. I am seriously concerned with Red's end game if he threw Tom into her life just to gain her trust because that means he needs her for something. Some say she is or is important to the fulcrum. Who knows? It's The Blacklist and they will continue to linger little things over our heads, giving us tidbits here and there causing more mystery all the while.

What are y'alls Tom theories?

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