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Wanna Make Your Own Music Video?

Admit it, we've all wanted to.

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1. Pick a song!

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I've done a few and usually it's the content that's most important so the song revolves around that. I usually pick something I want to do a video for (my first was 'Terminator Genisys' and then find a song that goes. The video I will share was based around Britney Spears' song 'Criminal'.

2. Is this like a movie music video?

Ok, so you know when a song goes with a movie so the video is movie clips and then shots of the person singing? That's how mine are because it would be strange to just show yourself lip syncing to your pre recorded track in different outfits and locations...but maybe not.

3. Sing your song!

I don't have any recording devices other than my laptop and phone (I should invest since it's a hobby now) so I play the song (instrumental or with the artist) and record my singing with it with my Iphone. It's not the best quality but it's pretty darn good considering your resources.

4. Pick some outfits!

Yes, that is a bathroom selfie. I'm so nerdy, y'all! This is the fun part! How many scenes do you want of yourself and do you want to have multiple looks? The first one I did was one outfit and one location but then I got creative.

5. Shoot your scenes!

Remember to lip synch along so you can match it up later in the video and you can play your music because you'll mute the content in your final product.

6. Edit and Publish!

Use whatever software you have and edit your clips together of yourself and whatever else. Then put your audio recording in. Make sure it all flows like you want it to and then publish. Always be mindful of copyright laws. YouTube is good to check through your video first.

Final Product!

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I chose Reddington the NBC's 'The Blacklist' to go with the song I chose above. This is the final product (one of mine and my current favorite)! So, it's nerdy as hell and could probably be done a thousand times better with better software but it's a hobby so I don't mind. Are you gonna make one now?

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