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I Live Tweeted Al Pacino's New Film "The Humbling" And It Turned Out Like A Review

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

"The Humbling" is a passion project for Al Pacino and it is about an actor who has a mental breakdown, visits rehab and then becomes involved with his friend's daughter. The trick for us as an audience is that Simon Axler (Pacino) has trouble discerning what's real and what's fake, therefore we don't either. Greta Gerwig costars as his lover and she plays well with him. Al Pacino shines in this role.

A review can't get more honest than my play by play thoughts.

Bottom line: Al Pacino is on his A game, which makes it worth the slightly wacky plot. It's quirky at times and dark at others. Jump in folks! If you've watched, let me know what you thought...or can you enlighten me on some points?

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