8 Solid Reasons To See “Danny Collins”

Do you really need to be convinced to see this film on April 10th?

1. The critics like it!

I enjoy all Pacino films but it has been awhile since the critics did. I know his HBO films are very successful but his theatrical films have struggled.

2. Pacino sings!

If you’re an avid Pacino fan, you know like I do that he sings a little bit here and there in his films but this is a whole song. This video doesn’t show what I wish it did but if we wanna hear the whole song we’ll have to see the movie. Not only does he sing but he has to perform this song in front of a real concert audience.

3. Jennifer Garner is in it!

4. “Danny Collins” is a comedy!

Annette Bening and Pacino spar throughout the film. There aren’t many movies starring Al Pacino that are intentionally funny but this is.

5. The letter from John Lennon is a true story.

What a cool concept to make a movie with!

6. “Danny Collins” is a tale of redemption.

Will Danny fix things with his son and write a song for the first time in decades?

7. Dan Fogelman who directed the film also wrote “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”


8. Did I mention, Al Pacino sings? Not only that but according the cast and crew he didn’t stop :)

“Al was singing it every day on set. And then the crew started singing it,” Fogelman says. “Then Al loved it, so he would sing it more. It was endless. To this day, I hear it.”

Like I mentioned, the film opens nationwide on April 10th. If you’re someone lucky enough to have seen it in select city openings, what did you think? Are there more reasons for people to go?

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