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12 Women Who Should Definitely Be Your Woman Crush Wednesday

It's time to figure this out, folks!

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12. Amy Poehler

She is hilarious and beautiful!

11. Jennifer Lopez

This woman only gets better with time. If I could look half as good as her, I'd be thrilled. She's talented and gorgeous.

10. Katherine Heigl

No matter people say about her, she is perfect! Just love her :)

9. Jennifer Anniston

She's your girl next door and your best friend.

8. Britney Spears

She is one of the strongest women in the business and that is something all of us should admire.

7. Melissa Joan Hart

She is my number one teenage witch and she explains it all!

6. Anna Kendrick

She is the winner of the twitterverse and she has mad cup skills.

5. Angelina Jolie

There's no need to explain why this woman is on this list.

4. Zooey Deschanel

Our quirky lady.

3. Kristen Wig

We're ready to party too!

2. Beyonce


1. Catherine Zeta Jones

This woman is my number one lady!

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