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19 Times The Men Make Us Swoon On 'Dominion'

If you're not getting this weekly, you should be.

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Look at Tom Wisdom as Michael...does this need a comment?

Everyone's favorite Michael moment...

He says what we all wanted to hear!

That swagger!

Chris Egan sizzles as the Chosen One, Alex!

His and purposeful.

We wouldn't mind waking up to your face.

Carl Beukes...the hooded mystery that is Gabriel

Whose side is he on?

Look at that mischievous smile...

Luke Allen-Gale brings us the devious yet sexy, William Whele.

What's his story?

Everyone's sexy librarian Anthony Head (Rupert Giles) is back as David Whele!

TV MA is right? He's evil but so sexy.

He's casual about things like murder...

His game is survival.

Simon Merrells brilliantly brings the bad boy Julian to life!

Be still my heart!

What's he up to?

A question that's constantly on my mind...

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