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    The Only "Peter Pan Live!" Drinking Game You Need

    Let's go on a trip to Neverland, in which Neverland is the land of never being sober during NBC's second annual live musical event.

    Take a sip when...

    1. You are attracted to a Lost Boy...

    2. Or one of Captain Hook's (Christopher Walken) pirates.

    3. You bow before Broadway goddess Kelli O'Hara, aka Mrs. Darling.

    4. Christopher Walken makes you laugh uncomfortably, because he's being either brilliant or brilliantly horrible.

    5. Someone you are watching with makes a Marnie reference...

    6. Or a Brian Williams/NBC/nepotism reference.


    7. You ponder how the tiny humans playing John and Michael Darling — Jake Lucas and John Allyn — are more talented than you could ever hope to be.

    Take a shot when...

    8. Nana unintentionally misbehaves.

    Patrick Randak / NBC

    OR you just want to kidnap Bowdie, the dog who plays Nana, because look at that punim. I mean, really now.

    9. Someone you're watching with gets extra theater nerd bonus points by mentioning how Christian Borle (who plays Mr. Darling and Smee) won a Tony for playing Captain Hook.

    Joan Marcus

    Borle (right) won in 2012 for his role in the Peter Pan prequel show Peter and the Starcatcher. You can also take a drink if someone talks about him on Smash or last year's Sound of Music Live! because we're here for a reason, people.

    10. You tear up because CHILDHOOD and never wanting to grow up.

    Waterfall when...

    11. Someone you're watching with mentions Smash.

    NBC / Via

    And that someone is obviously obligated to sing "Let Me Be Your Star" while the rest of you waterfall.

    Down the whole damn thing if...

    12. "I'm Flying!" turns into "I'm Falling!"

    Showtime via

    :( :( :(

    13. Your distant memory of last year's Sound of Music Live! is much better than the show you are currently watching.

    NBC / Via