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10 Best Moments From The 2013 Tony Awards

Sometimes all you need is Mike Tyson, a dog, and a good hashtag.

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1. So Much Weird Mike Tyson Love

Via Twitter: @ditzkoff

Tyson had a limited-run show earlier this season, but that doesn't fully explain Harris' healthy obsession with the boxer – there were at least a half dozen Tyson references, including this brilliantly bonkers moment during the opening number.

2. Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: Playsicals

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Neil Patrick Harris had some advice for how to bridge the divide between theater fans who like musicals and theater fans who like plays: Playsicals! Like The Diary of Anne Frankenstein The Musical, which he predicts Justin Bieber would love. Naturally, this became a thing.


4. "Television Sucks"

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It was pretty much expected Neil Patrick Harris would nail the opening and closing numbers, as he did in his previous years hosting (in case you forgot, Broadway's not just for gays anymore). So that's why the mid-show tribute to failed attempts by Broadway stars to make it on TV was my favorite musical number of the night.

5. Everything About Cicely Tyson

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It's hard to say which was better about the 88-year-old's win for best actress in a play: her speech or her dress.

7. Flustered and Adorable Cyndi Lauper Wins A Tony, Is One Step Away From An EGOT

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8. God Amongst Men Tracy Letts Beats Tom Hanks, Is Flawless

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Hanks seemed like the favorite to win best actor in a play for his acclaimed starring role in Nora Ephron's Lucky Guy, but celebrated playwright Letts landed his first acting win for the tour de force of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and, well, perfect speech is perfect.

10. So Many Adorable Children, So Little Time

Lauren Yapalater

Three hours was barely enough time to cram in the Matildas (all four of them!) and their fellow revolting children, Annie and her orphans, the Christmas Story kids (featuring tap-dancing wonder Luke Spring, above), Motown-era Michael Jackson and a handful of other pint-sized theatrical wonders.