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    13 Weird Pet Products

    Pet lovers can be kinda crazy, but with that craziness comes amazing creativity.

    1. The Pet High Chair


    Ever wanted your dog to sit and eat with you at the table? Well now's your chance, with the Pet High chair!Link

    2. Rear Gear Butthole Cover

    Rear Gear

    Keep your dog modest and hide his behind with the Rear Gear butthole covers! Link

    3. The Cat Stroller


    Now you can take your furbabies anywhere you go! Although this is designed for cats, I'm sure it'd work for a doggo as well! Link

    4. The Poo Trap


    Tired of picking up dog poo? I sure am. With this product, you strap it to your dogs back and it collects the poo for you! Link

    5. Cat Beret


    Keep your cat stylish with the latest beret! You can even get a matching one too... if you want! Link

    6. Burger bed


    Now your cat (and dogs) can sleep inside a little hamburger bed. Link

    7. Pet Peek Fence Window

    Pet Peek

    Now your dog can look out past your fence and view the world as it goes by. Will definitely keep them entertained for hours. Link

    8. Pet Jewelry


    Keep your pets dripping in ice with pet jewelry. From collars to necklaces, they have it all to keep your pets icy Link

    9. Croc Cat Bed


    It's a cat (and dog) bed that looks like a croc! That's all I have to say. Link

    10. The Doggone Dog Thong


    Apparently, this product is supposed to stop or repress dog farts. Honestly, it's pretty funny. Link

    11. The Goldfish Walker

    Mick Madden

    Brit, Mick Madden invented a portable walker for your goldfish. Although it is not for sale, he plans to market it very soon. The proof of concept is really cute though.

    12. Pawlish


    Ever wanted to give your dog a matching mani-pedi? Well, now you can. Its a water-based nail polish that is non-toxic and easy to remove! Link

    13. The Bow/Meow Lingual

    Bow lingual

    This product detects your dog's barks or your cat's meows and analyzes it and tells you what they're saying. I can't confirm the accuracy of this product but there's no harm in trying! Link