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The Anime Fantasy Worlds Of Fuzichoco Comes To Kickstarter

Building beautiful worlds piece by piece.

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The Anime Fantasy Worlds of Fuzichoco

Playing Grounded, Ltd / Via

Fuzichoco fans across the globe were delighted at the recent announcement that Playing Grounded Puzzles has joined forces with the Japanese illustrator to bring her magical fantasy art to life in jigsaw puzzles on Kickstarter.

With her mastery of colors and depth of detail, combined with her incredible ability to transform vast open spaces into wondrous worlds full of life, Fuzichoco has created her own unique style of illustration. Her vast portfolio includes high profile commissions from publishing and game companies throughout Japan such as KADOKAWA ASCII Media Works and Eyedentity Games.

Playing Grounded Puzzles has invested their own funds to produce the first in this line of 1000-piece puzzles titled, Flow of Goldfish, which is available through this Kickstarter. Their goal is to raise $9200 by November 3rd to produce the second puzzle, Altar in the Forest.

For more information visit Kickstarter.

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