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The Krav Maga On-Line Course Brings Renowned Krav Maga Specialist In To Your Home.

Israeli Self Defense On-Line Course offers an opportunity to train with legendary Krav Maga specialist, right in the comfort of your own home.

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Israeli Self Defense

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What Is Krav Maga All About?

 The On-Line Krav Maga Course is pleased to announce a one-of-a-kind Israeli self defense classes. Krav Maga legends, will train you in the comfort of your own home. Anytime of the day and as a mtter of fact anywhere on the planet you want.


The On-Line Krav Maga System is dedicated to educating the community in safe and effective methods of self-defense and because of this, is not your typical gym. This unique way of teaching this Israeli self defense method is the official system of the Israeli Defense Forces and used by the Navy Seals, Delta Force, FBI and over 250 law enforcement agencies in the United States. Now mainstream, Krav Maga is quickly becoming the defense system for all types of threats and attacks. Over the years, Guy Dar has developed his own Krav Maga techniques and will be sharing his expertise with you ranging from firearms and knives to ground fighting and self-defense.


The On-line KAPAP Combatives Course is designed to showcase Krav Maga and showcase how effective this unique approach to personal safety is for anyone of any age, gender or fitness level. Techniques used are based on natural instincts and feature basic simple movements. The benefits of learning Krav Maga On-Line is that it is safe and supportive environment are plentiful and include:


–       Learning the ability to defend against various types of attacks

–       Increased street awareness

–       Dramatic increase in fitness (Fit to Fight)

–       The ability to control high stress situations

–       And much more


Get this unique hands-on learning experience at Kravmagaonlinecourse, get your Israeli KAPAP Self Defense Online System early there are only a limited number of On-Line Krav Maga Fighting Systems available.





About Krav Maga: Krav Maga has gone mainstream. What is Krav Maga? It’s a self-defense system that delivers both practical fighting skills, and a high power full-body workout. The movements are based on a continuous combat motion providing toning similar to boxing, but with better full-body results. Simple, easy to learn and never boring, a high level of proficiency can be delivered in a relatively short amount of time. This hot fitness trend has been a staple of Israeli military training as well as a favorite with Hollywood leading action stars like 007’s Daniel Craig and Tom Cruise who exhibit Krav Maga movements in their films. For more information on Krav Maga, go to retzevcombatstl.




About Online Krav Maga Course: Saint Louis On-Line Krav Maga is the only training center dedicated to online training of the Israeli self defense system. That is certified by the founding Krav Maga Intel.  On-Line Krav Maga’s goal is to help students get into the best shape of their life by mastering realistic self-defense skills. Owner and Senior Lead Instructor Guy Dar is the only instructor ito be certified by Israel’s Wingate Institute. The Online Krav Maga Course also takes pride in focusing on corporate training and social responsibilities. On-Line Krav Maga is a proud supporter of the American Society for Real Life, For more information, go to

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