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16 Years Worth Of Rice In Your Hands

A study & infographic of the iPhone 7's prices in South East Asia

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With Apple products being assembled in China, you'd think the latest it-gadget would be cheaper in Asian countries. Think again.

From cheapest to most expensive

The cost of the new iPhone 7 is significantly more expensive compared to the US. Reasons for this difference in pricing range from export/import costs, tax and fees imposed by the countries respective governments.

In countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, where the iPhone 7 has yet to be officially launched, Apple enthusiasts have resorted to getting the phone from abroad in the hope of being one of the first to own the phone. Unauthorized retailers are purchasing this latest model from countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, where it has been officially launched. The phones are then re-sold in their respective countries at higher prices, which can go up by 14% in Vietnam and by 49% in Thailand (refer to infographics).

Average working days needed to buy an iPhone 7 (128 GB) in SouthEast Asia:

Vietnam takes the lead with a whopping 104 work days needed, a far cry from Singapore's measly 7 days. The infographic puts into perspective the amount of cash that the iPhone 7 is worth, and here are a few examples of how much the iPhone 7 equates to in different countries:

Bottom line:

It's amazing to what lengths people will go to seem higher up in the social food chain. The cost of the iPhone 7 equates to a sum of money that can be spent on so much more. Almost everyone already has a phone and the iPhone 7 is more of an it-item who's main purpose is to show off one's wealth.

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