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    9 Mar 2018

    16 Ways You Didn't Realize You Were Annoying Your PG Aunty

    It's a love-hate relationship.

    1. When you don't pay the rent on time.

    2. When you stick posters or photos in your room, and leave tape residue all over the walls.

    3. When you can't keep your room clean.

    4. When you complain to them about each and every squabble that you had with other flatmates.


    5. When you don't know what you're looking for in a house, and then expect them to add an unreasonable amount of amenities.

    If the apartment doesn't have what you need, move on and find another one instead of moving in.

    6. When you don't listen to their instructions, like when they tell you how to turn on the water heater.


    7. When you don't follow the rules that they explained to you when you moved in.


    8. When you keep troubling them for small repairs before trying to fix it on your own.


    9. When you constantly throw huge house parties.

    10. When you play loud music without considering other people living in the apartment.


    11. When you don't treat the house help with respect.


    12. When you break things around the house.

    13. When you bring guests for sleepovers without their permission.

    14. When you keep a pet without checking with them.


    15. When you constantly think they're trying to trick you or steal from you.


    16. And when you refuse to acknowledge their presence.


    A little smile won't hurt.

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