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14 Stylish Women From North East India That You Need To Follow If You Want To Up Your Fashion Game

They are always #onfleek and slaying the fashion game.

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1. Nilu Yuleena Thapa, @bighairloudmouth.

Nilu Yuleena Thapa is a style, beauty, and travel blogger on Big Hair Loud Mouth. She was the face of the launch of Hidesign Icon collection in September 2014. She has also been featured in various magazines for her quirky-chic sense of style, high quality content, and an eye for detail.

2. Aien Jamir, @fashionandiofficial.

Aien Jamir is a fashion blogger, stylist, and owner of AJ Store. Her style ranges from classic to edgy, to quirky to vintage. She has appeared in many illustrious fashion magazines in the country such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and has also worked with brands like Nike, Adidas, H&M, Mac, and Bobbi Brown. She has a beauty and style Youtube channel and a blog.

3. Angelina Pongener, @angxlinapg.

Angelina Pongener is a Mumbai-based fashion blogger, whose minimal, monochromatic, and personalised style will keep you hooked to her Instagram.

4. Kuvelu Tetseo, @kuvelutetseo.

Apart from being a fashion blogger, Kuvelu Tetseo is a part of a Naga folk band called Tetseo Sisters which is devoted to the art and tradition of the vocal folk music of Nagaland. Kuvelu's style ranges from bohemian to classic, and usually has a traditional touch to it.

5. Asenla Jamir, @blanc_muse.

Asenla Jamir is an NIFT graduate from India, who is inclined towards fashion, inspirational interiors, and art. She is a freelance stylist and blogger on Blanc Muse, and she considers graphic designing as her leisure pursuit.

6. Gloria Tep Rengma, @gloriatep.

Gloria Tep Rengma is an aspiring psychotherapist and model represented by Inega, India. She hails from two diverse backgrounds— half Naga, half Malayali. She was the second runner-up in the first season of India’s Next Top Model.

7. Cynthia Zacharica, @czloves.

Cynthia Zacharica is a beauty blogger from Shillong based in New Delhi. Her style can be best described as feminine, exuding a K-Pop artist vibe in all her pictures. She is a fashion and beauty blogger on Indian Vanity Case.

8. Apurva Lama, @appycat_.

Apurva Lama is a writer, consultant, and director at Appy Cat Street. Apurva is also a fitness freak, and can be seen striking yoga poses on her Instagram.

9. Roshnee,

Roshnee, who hails from Sikkim, is a flight attendant by profession. She occasionally blogs on Her Perfect Spot. Her Instagram aesthetic is colourful and trendy.

10. Jumni Kamki, @thepinkcult.

Jumni Kamki was the first cover girl of Wooplr NE. Her Instagram is perfect if you're looking for preppy and cute style inspirations. She has a fashion blog of her own where she blogs occasionally.

11. Selina Phurumboo, @glimpsesofrainbow.

Selina Phurumboo is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger on Glimpses of Rainbow. Her statement pieces are always hair accessories— be it as casual as having a pair of sunglasses or a bandana pushing her hair back, or just a beanie and a hat.

12. Shivani Boruah, @shivani.boruah.

Shivani Boruah is a guest fashion columnist at Deccan Herald. She also has a blog called The Velvet Radio where she blogs about fashion, lifestyle, travel and music.

13. Christy Hmar, @christyhmar.

Christy Hmar has a chic way of styling any wardrobe staples. She can wear something simple like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and still make it look sophisticated. She is currently based in New Delhi, and has shot for certain online websites.

14. Mawi Neitham, @mawisvintage.

Mawi Neitham is a fashion blogger whose style is trendy and glam. She was featured in Cosmopolitan India, where she showed five chic ways to style one classic white shirt.