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14 Romantic Ways To Spend Valentine's Day In A Long Distance Relationship

Just because you're miles apart doesn't mean you can't celebrate together.

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2. Have a date virtually.

Dress up, set up a nice table spread, pour yourself some wine, and preferably order the same cuisine as your SO. When you're both ready, video call your SO and talk just like you would if you were together. Maybe end it on a steamy note as well?

3. Buy your SO a ticket to an event.

Check out events that are happening in their area and gift them a ticket to an event that you know they'll definitely love, be it tickets to a concert or a movie or a comedy show.

4. Make a DIY book containing their favourite memes or the best texts that you two have shared.

Since communication is mostly digital in long distance relationships, make them a DIY book filled with the best texts that you two have shared, or print out memes that they'll love. They just might love this unusual gift.


5. Make a mixtape.

Go old school and make a mix tape for your loved one. Instead of the traditional cassette, you can make a CD of songs, or make a playlist and send it via email, or put the songs onto a USB drive and mail it to them.

6. Watch movies or TV shows together.

You can stream your favourite movie online, or watch a TV show that you both love. Start the movie or TV show at the same time, settle in with a blanket and some snacks, and you're good to have the most relaxed Valentine's date ever.

7. Send a handwritten love letter.

Nothing is more romantic than a classic handwritten love letter. You don't have to be the best writer in the world, just letting them know how you feel about them will make their day special.

Tip: Spritz the letter with your perfume.


9. Send books.

Books make the best gifts. When in doubt, just gift them a book that you think they might be interested in. You can also share books with each other on Amazon Kindle. It allows you to lend a book to another reader for up to 14 days.

14. And, if nothing, just be the first person they hear in the morning and the last person they hear at night.

Call your SO first thing in the morning. It will make their day special. After a busy day, call them again and talk till you fall asleep. It will almost feel like you're right there with them.